Package installation based on package priority

Emmanuel Kasper emmanuel at
Mon Mar 30 11:00:46 CEST 2020

Le 28/03/2020 à 17:29, Thomas Lange a écrit :
> Hi Emmanuel,

Hi Thomas
Thanks for the quick feedback.

> no this is not possible. In FAI we use deboostrap which already
> installs package with priority required and important. In the config
> for the cloud images, we use debootstrap --variant=minbase which only
> install required packages.
> The only way to do it using package_config is to write a hook which
> dynamically creates a package_config file. That's possible.

Yes it would be great if you can provide some pointers.

I had a look at the fai doc for hooks, and I am not sure if I should
create a hook instsoft.VAGRANT which would contain
the line

grep-aptavail --no-field-names --show-field Package
--field Priority --regex 'standard\|important' \
  | chroot $target xargs apt install --yes

or if you mean a hook which would on-the-fly generate a
package_config/VAGRANT with the content being fed from
grep-aptavail --no-field-names --show-field Package
--field Priority --regex 'standard\|important'

The rational behind all this is that I am trying to move stuff out of
the ./scripts/VAGRANT/20-setup config script, as asked here:

You know an upstream is nice when they even accept m68k patches.
  - John Paul Adrian Glaubitz, Debian OpenJDK maintainer

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