Installation of debian testing packets...

Dirk Geschke dirk at
Thu Jul 16 08:33:52 CEST 2020

Hi Thomas,

>     > does someone know, how to install via FAI testing packets, whereas
>     > most are installed via stable aka buster?
> We do this for backports kernel in package_config. The line
> linux-image-amd64/buster-backports
> will tell install_packages to give this to apt-get/apt which will then
> install the kernel package from buster-backports. This is normal apt syntax.
> This should also work with /testing.

ah, great, I thought on something on the PACKAGE line, but that's
better :-)

We need this for the actual CUDA packages and newest nvidia

The biggest problem are the dependencies, some testing packages
break dependencies of stable packets, which in turn should be
installed from testing, too. But this is another ugly story...

> Currently we do not support a syntax in package_config for adding the
> option "-t testing" to an apt-get/apt call. But I've already thought
> about adding this.

If the above solution works, I can live with it. But maybe
something like e.g.

   PACKAGES install-testing

would be nice, it's more structured and easier to identify...

Best regards


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