FAI 5.9 released, adding UEFI support

Martin Krämer mk.maddin at gmail.com
Wed Jan 8 18:26:28 CET 2020

Hi Thomas,

thanks for that.
Greate improvement I have waited for long :)

I just found that after building my own fai-cd with FAI 5.9 using a custom
grub.cfg there is an error with booting.
For reference of the grub.cfg I downloaded the "faicd64-small_5.9.iso" and
found that the
"Client standalone installation" entry and "Rescue System" are working
fine, while
"FAI server installation" (both) are not working on your fai-cd, too.

After a short check I found that the line:
"search --set=root --file /FAI-CD" is missing within my grub.cfg and within
your "FAI server installation" entries.
So as soon as I add this line as it is within "Client standalone
installation" and "Rescue System" all entries are working.

Just thought I give you a short information - maybe you would like to fix
this on the "faicd64-small_5.9.iso", too.
(Not sure if other faicd-* downloads are affected, too).
Mine is working fine again now.

Kind Regards


Am Di., 7. Jan. 2020 um 14:52 Uhr schrieb Thomas Lange <
lange at informatik.uni-koeln.de>:

> Hi folks,
> a new FAI version is available. FAI 5.9 includes following enhancements:
>   * add UEFI support to fai-cd, fai-kvm
>   * add disk configs for UEFI
>   * fai-sed - call sed on a file but check for changes before writing
>   * fai-link - create symlink idempotent
> UEFI support in fai-cd only used grub, no syslinux or isolinux is needed.
> New FAI installation images are also available from https:/
> fai-project.org/fai-cd
> The FAI.me build service is also using the newest FAI version and the
> customized ISO images can now be booted in an UEFI environment.
> Homepage:  https://fai-project.org
> --
> regards Thomas
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