FAI build using a small disk image with LACP support

Thomas Lange lange at informatik.uni-koeln.de
Fri Feb 28 09:24:24 CET 2020

>>>>> On Fri, 28 Feb 2020 16:21:38 +1300, Andrew Ruthven <andrew at etc.gen.nz> said:

    > All the servers support Redfish, so I can script uploading a disk image
    > to be booted from.

    > What I'm thinking is prepare a FAI boot image based on an nfsroot, with
    > minimal configuration to bring up a degraded LACP bond.

    > Has anyone already done this?
No. But....
using fai-cd you can create different flavours of a boot CD.
A boot CD with just the kernel and the initrd, or a CD including
additionally the nfsroot.

In your case a boot only CD (kernel+initrd) should be fine. Have a
look at the man page dracut.cmdline(7) (which we are using to build
the initrd). This includes already options for bonding:

           Setup bonding device <bondname> on top of <bondslaves>. <bondslaves> is a comma-separated list of physical (ethernet) interfaces. <options> is a
           comma-separated list on bonding options (modinfo bonding for details) in format compatible with initscripts. If <options> includes multi-valued
           arp_ip_target option, then its values should be separated by semicolon. if the mtu is specified, it will be set on the bond master. Bond without
           parameters assumes bond=bond0:eth0,eth1:mode=balance-rr

Also read man fai-cd(8).
regards Thomas

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