FAI build using a small disk image with LACP support

Andrew Ruthven andrew at etc.gen.nz
Fri Feb 28 04:21:38 CET 2020


I have some servers which I need to build which have all their network
interfaces (other than the dedicated service processor port) set up in
LACP bonds.

This means that PXE can't boot as PXE can't talk LACP (even in degraded

What we've been doing so far is changing the switches for the duration
of the server build to remove LACP from the switch ports, do the FAI
(re)build, then re-add the LACP. This is a drag.

All the servers support Redfish, so I can script uploading a disk image
to be booted from.

What I'm thinking is prepare a FAI boot image based on an nfsroot, with
minimal configuration to bring up a degraded LACP bond.

Has anyone already done this?


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