Remove a defined class

Thomas Lange lange at
Thu Dec 10 16:54:36 CET 2020

>>>>> On Thu, 10 Dec 2020 15:11:14 +0000, Markus Rexhepi-Lindberg <Markus.Rexhepi-Lindberg at> said:

    > Is it possible to remove a defined class during a install?
Uuuuh. It may be possible but in 2006 we already had this questions

The clean way would be to write a hook with suffix .sh (then it is
sourced). This hook must remove the class from $LOGDIR/FAI_CLASSES and
also redefine the shell variable $classes. We use this command in FAI
for setting $classes
classes=$(< $LOGDIR/FAI_CLASSES)

regards Thomas

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