Remove a defined class

Markus Rexhepi-Lindberg Markus.Rexhepi-Lindberg at
Thu Dec 10 16:11:14 CET 2020


Is it possible to remove a defined class during a install?

`echo CLASS_NAME` defines a class and puts it in $LOGDIR/FAI_CLASSES.
Is it enough to just remove the entry from that file to make it not defined?

I would like to remove a class being defined via a class script with
another class script being run after the first one during task_defclass.

This is due to the classes being defined are fetched from a database
using a script. I would like to act on the classes being fetched and
redefine them if needed. This is originally intended to switch between
BIOS and EFI disk classes based on the firmware the computer booted


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