Announcing the service

Thomas Lange lange at
Mon Nov 27 09:55:10 CET 2017 is a web page and a service, which will create a customized
installation image for you. You configure your installation image by
selecting a user name and password, a language and keyboard layout,
the desktop you like to have, a disk partitioning scheme and the
Debian distribution. There are options for web and print server,
non-free firmware, Debian Developers tools and some more. You can also
add an additional list of packages you like to get installed.

After submitting your request, an image will be build and after some
time (often less than a minute), a download link for your own
customized installation image will be shown. Burn this image on a
CD/DVD or write it on an USB stick via dd.

When booting this image, all data on the first disk will be deleted
and a fresh Debian system will be installed using FAI (Fully Automatic
Installation) without any interaction needed.

The URL for this new service is

and I appreciate any feedback.

regards Thomas

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