Build install kernel & Client with verifiable repos

George {Skip} F VerDuin gfv2014 at
Tue Oct 20 18:48:19 CEST 2015

On 10/20/2015 11:10 AM, Thomas Lange wrote:
> <<SNIP>>> the wiki page to get the idea published if you want. I'm not 
> sure if I want to add the FAI project repository by default, I need to 
> think on this topic for some more time.
If you decide "not", then I'd be happy to offer the idea of loading 
sources.list.d/... and trusted.gpg.d/... as an alternative design on the 

> > I noticed something else in task_repository for 02fai file. I cannot 
> find a 02fai file. Which file do you mean? 
I'm currently running FAI4.3.2+wheezy1.  /usr/lib/fai/subroutines 
task_repository creates the file 10fai.
In my configuration of the apt proxy I create the file 02proxy.

In my email to you, my fat fingers created the file 02fai.  A typo 
error.  It is likely the same kind of error that got me into key trouble 
in the first place...:-(

My question relates to the 10fai file: isn't the "else delete" clause 


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