Upstart/Systemd (Re: Cannot get FAI to build jessie)

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Wed Jun 3 08:44:18 CEST 2015

Am 11.05.2015 um 08:35 schrieb Moritz Struebe:
> Yea, we have had the same problem with vivid. You need to install it in
> in a seperate apt-run. Aptitude's conflict resolution sucks! We did this
> by adding an extra hook to /etc/fai/nfsroot-hooks/ containing
> $ROOTCMD apt-get install upstart-sysv
> And you need to make sure that it's not in your NFSROOT, because
> otherwise aptitude will mark it as broken.
> Morty

We actually found a drawback in Vivid. FAI gets started twice, because
installing upstart at the end reverts linking initctl to true:
Thus not only the installed upstart-job is started, but also the rcS:

FAI's built-in locking does not work, due to concurrency issues, failing
at different places during the installation. This was the initial
motivation to look into
Though fixing the core issue, FAI being started twice should be the way
to go.

Do we really need rcS, or shouldn't it be sufficient to just start fai
using whatever startup-manager is used?


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