disk_config for disks > 2TB

Kerim Güney kgueney at uni-koeln.de
Wed Dec 9 15:51:52 CET 2015

Hi Dann,

Could it be that it's causing problems, because MBR's don't support 
partitions greater than 2TB?

 From Wikipedia:
 > Protective MBR - Same as a normal MBR but the 64-byte area contains a 
single 0xEE type Primary partition entry defined over the entire size of 
the disk or in case of >2TiB, upto a partition size of 2 TiB.

Best regards

On 09/12/15 15:10, stuff at antizone.net wrote:
> Hi
> i'm sending this email for Kerim as advised by Mrfai. No answer needed :)
> i have an issue when trying to create a single root partition on a 
> raid5 array of 3.7TB
> here's the disk_config :
> *# <type> <mountpoint> <size> <fs type> <mount options> <misc options>
> disk_config disk1 disklabel:gpt-bios bootable:1 fstabkey:uuid
> primary /      100%  ext4  rw,noatime,errors=remount-ro
> primary swap   32G        swap  sw
> *
> when the system boot, it fails to boot from the mbr and drops to grub 
> rescue.
> running rescue command like insmod linux fails with an error message 
> which i didn't wrote sorry, but it's easily reproducible i suppose.
> i worked around the issue by creating more partitions not exceeding 2TB
> i'm available for more information if needed.
> thanks
> Dann

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