Option to set Ports for NFS mount

Holger Parplies wfai at parplies.de
Wed Apr 15 01:31:13 CEST 2015


Schulz, Reiner wrote on 2015-04-13 14:54:36 +0000 [AW: Option to set Ports for NFS mount]:
> [...]
> NFSROOT/ root/.ssh/config  is only used at install time
> On softupdate the "local" root User is used. 
> my reverse tunnel use "localhost" as host, so I think it is a bad idea to
> change the ssh port for localhost.

I'm not quite sure how you supply the host name, but I'm guessing you have the
option to use something different from the string "localhost". You could do
something like the following in ~root/.ssh/config (and probably in
$NFSROOT/root/.ssh/config, too):

Host faiserver
  Hostname localhost
  Port 1234

Then 'ssh localhost' would use the default port, but 'ssh faiserver' would use
port 1234 (and still connect to localhost, independent of what DNS might
resolve 'faiserver' to; in particular, DNS does not need to resolve
'faiserver' at all).

Does that help?


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