use encryption+authentication during configuring clients?

René Bleisch accounts at
Fri Sep 19 13:02:49 CEST 2014

Hi Jan,
at least in my case yes to both

I operate a FAI wheezy server with a bunch of wheezy workstations.
For softupdates (which may contain some re-configurations), I connect to 
the workstations with ssh and start the softupdate with "fai -N softupdate".
Then the config space is mounted from the server (nfs) and fai performs 
the necessary updates.

=> To automatize it, I have a perl-routine which starts a parallel 
softupdate on all hosts.
The routine basically opens an ssh-session on each host and executes 
"fai -N softupdate".
For the passwords, an "expect" template is used. I only have to enter 
the password at the beginning, then expect will automatically handle it 
for each parallel ssh-session.

I hope this helps you

René Bleisch

On 09/19/2014 12:37 PM, Jan Bredereke wrote:
> Dear FAI users,
> I am currently evaluating FAI and have a question which I could not
> answer from the documentation:
> When I use FAI for configuring some (already installed) clients, can
> I have the communication encrypted? And can I have authentication?
> If the communication can run over Ssh, the the answer to both would
> be "yes". But I did not find anything on how the actual low-level
> communication is done during configuring a client.
> Thank you very much for any information or docs pointer,
> Jan Bredereke

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