FAI initramfs-tools breaks console-setup

Robert Markula robert at markula.org
Tue Nov 18 21:59:52 CET 2014

Am 13.11.2014 um 10:11 schrieb Thomas Lange:
>     > Hello,
>     > have there been changes to initramfs-tools in the FAI wheezy  
>     > repositories lately?
> Yes. I put a newer version into the fai-project.org
> repository. because we hab problems when using the 3.16 bpo kernel.
>     > Btw, is the FAI repository required for building the NFSroot (running  
>     > fai-setup and/or fai-nfsroot)
> You should use the FAI repository, so that you will get FAI 4.2.5 on
> your install server (when running Debian wheezy).
> You can remove this once you have installed the FAI packages.
> When builing the nfsroot /etc/fai/apt./sources.list
>                               ^^^
> is used. There you should include the FAI repository (for getting the
> newer FAI packages).
For anyone else having this problem in Ubuntu, the following should work:

Create this file in your FAI configspace:


and paste the following lines:

error=0 ; trap "error=$((error|1))" ERR

# Apt-Pinning for initramfs-tools
fcopy -v /etc/apt/preferences.d/initramfs.pref

# Remove the FAI apt source
$ROOTCMD rm /etc/apt/sources.list.d/fai.list

# Refresh the sources
$ROOTCMD apt-get update

# Downgrade to initramfs-tools from the Ubuntu repository
echo "* Downgrade initramfs-tools"
$ROOTCMD apt-get -y --force-yes install initramfs-tools

# Install all packages that have been removed
# by the FAI-specific initramfs-tools package
# e.g. console-setup
echo "* Install ubuntu-minimal"
$ROOTCMD apt-get -y install ubuntu-minimal

# Print the version of the now installed initramfs-tools (optional)
echo "* Version of initramfs-tools:"
$ROOTCMD dpkg -s initramfs-tools

exit $error

Provided that the FAI sources.list is in
/etc/apt/sources.list.d/fai.list and you use a class called 'UBUNTU'.

Your /etc/apt/preferences.d/initramfs.pref may look like this:

Package: initramfs-tools
Pin: origin Ubuntu
Pin-Priority: 1000

Package: initramfs-tools
Pin: origin fai-project.org
Pin-Priority: -1



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