Debian fai server, sles11sp3 nodes

Thomas Lange lange at
Wed Dec 24 11:16:23 CET 2014

>>>>> On Wed, 24 Dec 2014 01:47:00 +0100, "Salva ." <paulvarjak at> said:

    > We have used FAI 4.x in the recent past with Debian server and
    > nodes with no big issues. Now we are trying to deploy it on a
    > wheezy server but we need to deploy SLES11 SP3 on the nodes.
First you have to create a basefile for SLES11. Use the rinse command
for that and put the resulting file into the config space under
basefiles. Then adjust the task repository, to get access to the
package repository. I'm not sure if SLES is using yum or zypper.
Finaly you have to adjust some package names in package_config/ and
check if the customzisation scripts in scripts/ are woring for SLES.

Happy holidays to all of you
regards Thomas

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