Debian fai server, sles11sp3 nodes

Salva . paulvarjak at
Wed Dec 24 01:47:00 CET 2014

Hi all.

I'm new to the list and a FAI intermediate user. Bad date to ask, I know,
so happy holidays :-)

We have used FAI 4.x in the recent past with Debian server and nodes with
no big issues. Now we are trying to deploy it on a wheezy server but we
need to deploy SLES11 SP3 on the nodes.

There is some outdated information about SLES in the wiki but it gets back
to SLES9 and I have been doing searches and reading about the topic in the
mailing list archive and the information is quite outdated too (FAI 3.x).

I'm not sure on how/where to start and I would really apreciate if someone
has experience with this kind of deployment and can help with hints,
documentation, or whatever you might think it's useful to achieve results
without getting too much lost.

Thanks in advance.
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