Problems setting up Debian 7

Benedict Wright admin at
Mon Jul 22 09:25:52 CEST 2013

>> After this error some more steps are taken. The system then reboots the
>> only thing i get is a flashing underscore in the top left corner of the
>> screen.
> Are you using a directly-connected console or some sort of serial console?
> When we see this problem, it's almost always an incorrect console setting
> on the command line of the newly-installed system, whether missing the
> serial console configuration or using the wrong speed, etc.  The system is
> booting, just sending all the messages off into never-never land.

Thanks for the reply.

The PC is actually standing right next to me with its own screen.
Did a short Google search but didn't find anything that might help me. 
Probably because i am not quite sure what i am looking for.
Any hints on what and where i can fix this would be greatly appreciated.

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