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Wed Feb 20 20:50:31 CET 2013

I have stumbled into a question of use.  There seems to be some unusual 
overlap and/or duplication:
For just a couple examples:

  * fia/package_config/FAIBASE and /etc/fai/NFSROOT [both specify the
    rsync package -- a duplication]
  * fia/package_config/DEFAULT and /etc/fai/NFSROOT [each specify
    different [perhaps partial definitions] linux-image... packages for

SO -- /etc/fai/NFSROOT seems out-of-place by being located under 
/etc/...?  My search of fai site has failed me.  FAI doesn't seem to 
mind duplication, but for what purpose is it appropriate to choose to 
define OS build detail in NFSROOT and when in .../package_config/...?

For a second issue...
Following the FAI reflector recommendation in thread "fai-make-nfsroot 
fails" on  Feb 19 of "use Debian" for sources.list I switched from 
ubuntu to debian repositories.  I used the "-K" parm for 
make-fai-nfsroot after the switch.  Following a few semi-successful 
installs based on ubuntu, now after switching I find make-fai... fatal 
localization errors and a curious failure labelled "You must choose one 
to install." from a list of linux-image candidates from which FAI could 
not pick the most appropriate one. Please note I originally installed 
FAI from ubuntu repositories. The detail differences between ubuntu and 
debian seem to be causing me a little grief?

I also re-populated my local mirror and I find it interesting that the 
ubuntu mirror space requirement is 215MB while debian is 522MB [not a 
problem].  From looking over the apache2 access.log it doesn't seem that 
FAI ever addressed the local mirror while processing [perhaps a third 
issue].  Still -- under my ubuntu work the log showed much activity even 
though there were many "404" responses to queries.

The second issue seems to point at a need for me to purge any ubuntu 
history, or cache, or even re-install FAI from scratch.  Perhaps the 
bright side of re-installation is that I could then follow my own rule 
of using git to allow me to accurately back up?  AARRRGG, on this 
project I've not dropped enough bread crumbs along the way.

My purpose in posting issue 2 is to ask if FAI is more rich when ported 
from the FAI site or from distro repositories?  I'm not throwing 
brick-bats at the packaging teams, just curious about missing changes to 
FAI while it works it's way thru the various publication paths.

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