fcopy and mtime

Thomas Lange lange at informatik.uni-koeln.de
Fri Feb 1 13:05:18 CET 2013

>>>>> On Fri, 01 Feb 2013 11:57:17 +0100, Paolo Miotto <paolo.miotto at uniud.it> said:

    > fcopy set the atime and the mtime of a copied file as the mtime of the  
    > original file in the config space.

    > This is OK for most cases, but sometimes this breaks things: when the  
    > original file remain unchanged, but is modified in the preinst script,  
    > the mtime remain unchanged even if the file changes between two  
    > softupdates, and other utilities (eg. make) doesn't notice the change  
    > and do nothing.

    > I would like to change this, or to have a flag to selectively change  
    > behaviour, but before filling a bug I would like the listen some  
    > thoughts by you.

Hi Paolo,

your thoughts are right. fcopy should not use the mtime of the
original file, if a preinst script is used. IMO this should be the
default behaviour an additional flag is not needed. BTW, which version
of FAI are you using? Please check if bug #695134 is related to this,
because it's fixed in FAI 4.0.5. If not, it would be nice if you could
file a bug report for this.

regards Thomas

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