[FAI 3.4.8] setup-storage doesn't reflect my "disk_config"

Thomas Lange lange at informatik.uni-koeln.de
Mon Dec 2 12:03:35 CET 2013

>>>>> On Sun, 24 Nov 2013 20:38:41 +0100, Bardo Bardo <bardosoft.contact at gmail.com> said:

    > I still can not partition my HDD as I want. I have done another test with a new 3TB disk and i still get 1100GB of free space!!
    >     Since i have installed the "setup-storage" version 3.4.8, FAI does not reflect my "disk_config" configuration.
I tested your disk_config with FAI 4.0.8 and I had no problems. The
whole disk was used, no free space at the end of the disk. Please
upgrade to a newer FAI version or at least a newer setup-storage
version. My setup-storage is version 1.4.

regards Thomas

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