Help requested: Howto create a nice GPT layout?

Thomas Neumann blacky+fai at
Tue Mar 27 15:34:01 CEST 2012


I'd like to create the following layout

disklabel: gpt
1st part: biosboot partition for use with grub2
2nd part: swap partition (8GB size)
3rd part: lvm physical volume (rest of disk)

volume group vg_system
1st logical volume: / with 4-12GB size

os/nfsroot: Ubuntu natty
faiclient: 3.4.7
setup-storage: 1.3

os/faiclient: Ubuntu lucid

As far as I understood
there's no way to manually create a 'true' biosboot partition with
setup-storage. The thing that comes closest is an 'unused partition' like

'primary - 10 - -'

and manually flag it as a gpt boot partition later on.

If I use disklabel:gpt-bios, then setup-storage automatically creates a
third primary partition located at the end of the harddisc (last sectors).
It was stated that the partition should be the last 'logical' partition
(e.g. /dev/sda3) but the first 'physical' partition (e.g. sector 63-...)
but gfdisk and parted tell me otherwise.

So - what's the proper way to achieve it? It's okay if I have to switch
the nfsroot to Debian and go experimental or something like that. I'm
quite comfortable with handling differing nfsroot and client OS anyway.


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