Troubles with e1000e Networking

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Some update from my side: I've changed the server to Debian Squeeze as Ubuntu Precise needs too many fixes and hacks right now. So I'm using the "original" FAI from the FAI repo. Now I'm able to use FAI as I was with the old Debian Lenny server.

BUT I still have troubles with newer kernels than 2.6.31. It seems that the e1000e driver does not correctly work on this HP desktop PCs (does not get past "IP-Config...).
Now I'd like to update this driver to the most recent version. For that I need the kernel headers. Where can I find the headers package for the 3.1.0-grml Kernel?
Is this kernel a unmodified grml Kernel? So I could use the "original" grml Kernel?

Thanks for any help!


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I have a simple HP dc7900 Desktop which I'd like to stage with FAI. This works with the "old" environment on a Lenny server.
Now I'm in the process to upgrade this environment to a Ubuntu Precise Server.

After struggling with many silly bugs in Precise Beta (f.e. NFS does not start correctly, FAI package broken (wrong package configs), ...) and not getting it to copy files over NFS (there seems to be incompatibilities with the NFS client on the live system with the nfs server delivered in Precise) I'd like to get the 3.1.0-grml Kernel running (and hope that NFS works with this Kernel).
Now it does not get past "IP-Config: eth0 hardware address [...]". With Kernel 2.6.32-grml it works. And it even worked with 3.1.0-grml one time, but since then nothing happens anymore. I even changed to a different device, but no change.
The Kernel Module e1000e is loaded during boot...

Has anyone some input for me, how to debug that thing?

And is it possible to have a Ubuntu Live System, rather than the Debian Live System (maybe in the future)?

Thanks a lot!


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