Network interfaces file in NFSROOT

David Dreezer dave at
Sat Feb 25 01:36:39 CET 2012

You could echo that line into /etc/network/interfaces in /usr/sbin/make-fai-nfsroot or put it into /usr/sbin/fai-setup after make-fai-nfsroot, couldn't you?

That way any time you rebuild NFSROOT it will add the line for you.

> We tend to rebuild our NFSROOT occasionally to keep it patched with
> updated packages (especially linux kernel), etc.  The hook just makes
> sure that the change is put back in place after the rebuild.  The file
> does seem to be ignored, though, and as Michael pointed out, I may have
> to modify the FAI installer startup script if I really want to do this.
> Just to be clear, I wasn't asking about adding the line to the installed
> machine.  We use the same approach that you mentioned for that (a
> script to create the /etc/network/interfaces file).  Thanks.
> Jeff Stolte

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