setup_harddisks and setup-storage

Leen Smit lsmit at
Wed Feb 8 17:05:02 CET 2012

Dear All,

I would like to know where in "fai" the call is made to setup_harddisks.
After updating my fai server, I ran into the issue that clients failed 
on mounting the local disk to /target/.
Some investigation later I found that setup_hardisk was being used while 
my diskconfig is/was already on the layout for setup-storage.

Both binaries exist, but trying to pinpoint where it's called from left 
me clueless.
So, if anybody here can tell me how to let fai know that I actually have 
setup-storage  that would be great!


PS: as a dirty fix I have copied setup-storage over setup_harddisks. 
This works fine.

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