Direct FAI to install medium..?

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Fri Sep 2 11:56:29 CEST 2011

Hi again,


> The machine actually boots from USB the second time. FAI loads from
> USB stick (I can tell: the stick is blinking, and booting is slower
> than from HD). At first, the Linux kernel is loaded, and then initrd
> I think...
> Then, FAI (or is it the Linux kernel?) needs to find out where its
> files and scripts are, so it can install and run them. At that
> point, I want it to find the USB stick and mount it. But instead, it
> finds the recovery partition and mounts that.

Hmm, FAI doesn't try to be smart in any way - it shouldn't "find" anything, it
will only use whatever was configured. Let's see which files could possibly be

- The boot loader. Hopefully the one from USB.
- The kernel and its initrd. Apparently the one from the USB stick is used.
- The root file system and the main FAI scripts. The boot loader configuration
  (kernel options) will fix the root file system to be used. Should be taken
  from your USB stick as well (just check which FAI version is shown in the FAI
- The config space. Configured in your fai.conf.

It would be really helpful if you could figure out which bits are taken from
your recovery partition, possibly by modifying some of the files on there to
print debug output.

Hope this helps,

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