Direct FAI to install medium..?

Jurrie Overgoor jurrie at
Fri Sep 2 10:46:27 CEST 2011

Op 2-9-2011 10:36, Michael Tautschnig schreef:
> Hi Jurrie,
> [...]
>> Is there a way to say to FAI that it should check for USB sticks
>> before checking the harddisk partitions?
> I'm not sure I understand what sort of detection routine within FAI this could
> refer to. Isn't it your BIOS/EFI that chooses the boot media? Wouldn't a change
> in boot order suffice here?

Sorry, I think I wasn't clear enough :)

The machine actually boots from USB the second time. FAI loads from USB 
stick (I can tell: the stick is blinking, and booting is slower than 
from HD). At first, the Linux kernel is loaded, and then initrd I think...
Then, FAI (or is it the Linux kernel?) needs to find out where its files 
and scripts are, so it can install and run them. At that point, I want 
it to find the USB stick and mount it. But instead, it finds the 
recovery partition and mounts that.

With kind regards,


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