problems with ignoring a lvm on secondary disk.

Florian Streibelt linux-fai-ml at
Fri Sep 2 10:01:40 CEST 2011


we try to install a debian system on a bunch of servers with different disk
layouts. Some machines only have one disk, some have additional disks,
which leads to a strange issue.

During install we like fai to ignore all additional disks and lvm's and
whatever is on disks besides sda.

Our disk setup is:

    disk_config disk1 disklabel:msdos bootable:1 fstabkey:uuid
    primary /       80%-100%    ext4    rw,noatime,errors=remount-ro
    primary swap    200-1000    swap    rw

Now the problem is, that when users have setup a lvm on disk sdb fai
detects this lvm, at first seems to ignore it, but later tries to create
that exact lvm again on the system, although its not configured anywhere.

A debugging log is attached.

The question is: bug or misconfiguration?


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