Stuck on 'switching to colour frame buffer device'

Marcus Karlsson mk at
Mon May 23 20:36:58 CEST 2011


We're trying to install Ubuntu 10.04 using FAI and are currently having some
trouble doing that. When we try to reinstall a machine it boots over NFS but
halfways into the boot it stops, the screen goes blank and the only message on
it is the line below.

[ 17.399034] Console: switching to colour frame buffer device 210x65

We get the same result when we use our old hardy-config which has been updated
to lucid as well as when we use the standard fai configuration from the lucid

Our NFS server is running FAI 3.4.4 on Solaris 10/sparc but the nfsroot was
created on a Ubuntu 10.04 host which was upgraded from 8.04. We also tried
doing that on a Debian 6.0 machine, both of them with the same result.

Any ideas of what could be wrong?


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