setup-storage issues ...

Fredrik Eriksson fredrik.eriksson at
Wed May 11 10:24:57 CEST 2011

On 05/10/11 19:20, Sylvain Milot wrote:
> I then tried the experimental version - version 4.0~beta2+experimental60 at the time
> and this worked quite nicely. I then recently rebuilt my NFSROOT with the latest experimental
> version and it now complains about overflow. The behavior is the same whether I use
> preserve_always or preserve_lazy BTW.

We decided to stay at 4.0~beta2+experimental68, since that was the first 
experimental that was working for us and we didn't want to track 
experimental and risk breaking installations. We also saved the 
4.0~beta2+experimental68 packages since they are removed every time a 
new experimental is uploaded.

> PS - no real harm done on my installation as I'm in a testing phase ...

Perhaps comparison of output from different versions will help resolve 
these issues upstream, I'll send our archived experimental68 packages so 
you can try and see if that experimental is working for you.

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