setup-storage & preserve_lazy on LVM

Mathieu Alorent malorent at
Mon Mar 28 16:53:20 CEST 2011


I'm playing with FAI/setup-storage and preserve_partition for a future

I'm using FAI 4.0~beta2+experimental70 for my tests and can't get it to

For the sudding case, I've used a "simple" class to made an initial
install. Then I've added some partitions to the preserve_lazy command
and reinstall.

I think there are two issues:

* I've saw in the debug output that my LVM parts will be preserved and
my PV part will also be preserved (good here) but setup-storage try to
create the PV partition (but it shouldn't !). Hopefully it give me an
error about /dev/sda9 is in use and stop here.

* In the logs I saw "/dev/sda4 will be resized", why should this part be
resized, as it is the same partition plan !?

I'll send the two debug output logs to Michael by private mail.

I hope we can't solve this :)


PS: I've also seen this message:
"Can't exec "mdadm-startall": No such file or directory
at /usr/sbin/setup-storage line 146, <$config_file> line 1."

What should I do ? Should I install mdadm-startall in my nfsroot, or
setup-storage should check if the command is available before calling
it ?
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