Issues with fai-cd and static networking setup

Michael Prokop mika at
Mon Mar 28 14:32:44 CEST 2011

* Michael Tautschnig [Sun Mar 27, 2011 at 08:14:53PM +0100]:

> > The grub.cfg and menu.lst in /etc/fai include examples of how to set the
> > (static) network address of an install client (ip=...) in the format of the
> > Linux kernel nfsroot parameter, as also documented in the live-boot(7) man
> > page.

> > Unfortunately, this is not how live-boot actually works (filed as bug 
> > #616197); it rather expects ip=<device>:<ipaddr>:<mask>:<gw>.

That's right.

> Those parameter sets of live-boot seem to keep changing quite frequently.
> Unfortunately, nobody has thus far taken the time to reply to your bug report.
> Mika, you seem to be in touch with live-* people from time to time, would you
> have some additional information?

Sadly it's known to be a problem but no one of the live-* people
took care for it yet.

We - the Grml team - worked on an implementation that's supposed to
match the kernel behaviour of ip=... as documented in

We have some further bugfixes[1] and features in our queue which we
will try to push towards upstream.

[1] e.g.

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