proposed patch for make-fai-nfsroot

David Dreezer dave at
Mon Mar 28 00:18:40 CEST 2011

Hi Michael,

> First of all, obviously it makes almost always sense to share at least the
> ideas, if not the implementation with others. And that's obviously much easier
> if it is integrated into FAI itself. Yet I think two questions are to be
> answered:
> - Is this change useful for anybody else?
> - Will it break existing configs?
> If the answers are "yes" for the first one and "no" for the second one it
> probably best goes in mainline FAI. Otherwise it doesn't :-)


that being the case -

I don't think it breaks any existing configs. I can't think of a way that it might do so.

I do think that the patch adds a function that dropping an .asc file in /package_config/ doesn't, in that this patch adds the key into the nfsroot, not directly to the client. I originally offered the idea because in addition to my company's need for a way to do it, I had seen the question posed twice in the newsgroup archives. SO I guess that, yes, it is useful for someone else. :)


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