New issues with setup storage - disc too small

Michael Tautschnig mt at
Tue Mar 15 20:53:11 CET 2011

> Different, but still didn't make it all the way through. Log attached as it is only 5k.

That's weird! Could you please check whether you can find mdadm-startall in
/usr/share/fai/setup-storage/ Otherwise you're not using the code
I'm hoping you use :-) But if you *can* find it, things are even worse: over
here, it works fine, the mdadm-startall command is issued just fine whenever
some reminiscences of an array are detected.

> Thank you for all of the work and time that you are putting into this.
You're welcome! It is great fun to work on a software with so much feedback
coming in, I wish I had more to work on it!

Best regards,

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