chboot sub disable question/issue

David Dreezer dave at
Wed Mar 9 21:20:52 CET 2011

My apology, Michael, I should have caught that. You are right.

Our IP addresses are definitely not fixed. Any of our hardware can have a public IP as a mail server this week, then be redeployed via FAI next week on a private IP as a java servlet engine or back end MySQL database. Host names will change to match the job. The only thing that is ever constant is the hardware.

So, that leaves me to find a way to script a discovery of the MAC and then disable the file.

Some of our servers have multiple network devices that are plugged in to a switch. At FAI install time only one interface will have a route, so I can use it this I think:

netdevices_custom=`ip route show |grep default|cut -d" " -f5`
MACADDR=`ifconfig $netdevices_custom|head -1|awk '{print $5}'|sed 's/:/-/g'|tr '[:upper:]' '[:lower:]'`

I'll have to think about the best way to get that from the client to the server and then make the file name change.

Thoughts? Am I headed the right way? Making it too difficult?

David Dreezer
Customer Advocate, Social Strata, Inc.

> Sorry, it's not just different formats; only 01-... is the MAC address, whereas
> 0A07045B is the IP (!) address in hex notation. Sorry about that.
> So the option of converting only is available if your IP addresses are fixed.
> Then you could automagically convert all 01-* names using a nice wrapper around
> arp -n -a. Otherwise, if your IP addresses are *not* fixed there will be no way
> around a hook to replace task_chboot: if the install client's IP address does
> not statically map to a MAC address you can only read the MAC address on the
> client and communicate that to the server.
> Is that of any help?
> Best,
> Michael

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