chboot sub disable question/issue

David Dreezer dave at
Wed Mar 9 03:33:43 CET 2011

We have our ~tftpserver/fai/pxelinux.cfg files named in the form of 01-(mac address), 01-00-30-48-72-64-64 for instance. This works fine, the tftp server serves the right file upon request, and Fai does what it should; except when it comes to disable the file after a successful install.  Rather than moving the 01-00-30-48-72-64-64 file to 01-00-30-48-72-64-64.disable we see (0A07045B) is not enabled

in our logs, which of course doesn't match the file. 

I'm just now starting to trace it backwards and see if sub disable is doing not what I want it to do, if host2hex is my issue, or if it is not being given the $host by task_chboot that I need it to have for this to work properly. Or, if I'm totally on the wrong track :)
Any advice would be appreciated

Thank you 

David Dreezer
Customer Advocate, Social Strata, Inc.

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