"clone" an example client?

Frank Lienhard frank at saliko.de
Thu Dec 8 16:31:10 CET 2011

On 12/08/2011 04:10 PM, Brian Kroth wrote:
> Your package list config files go in 
> config/package_config/MACHINE_CLASS_NAME where MACHINE_CLASS_NAME is 
> what you defined for the host in the config/class/* section.
> NFSROOT is the package_config for building the nfs boot environment 
> that your clients use during PXE boot for install (for instance).
> However, you'll probably want to read through the other package_config 
> files and docs so that when your machine gets multiple classes 
> assigned it still does what you expect.
> Brian
Still need assistence :-(
Lets say I define a config/package_config/MACHINE (ony with some extra 
and I want all machines called "clientXX" use this additional class.
Then I edit 50-host-classes in config/class like this:

assuming the host client50 is rechable/resolved (by pinging it).
Than I have to run e.g this:
" fai-chroot -IFv client50 "

->but I get 'fai-chboot: unknown host'

what am I missing (most likely missing some knowledge on my side)

Thanks again

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