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On Thu, 2011-04-07 at 15:27 +0200, Alexander Swen wrote:
> Hi Xavier,
> ______________________________________________________________________
>         Hi,
>         I observed the same issue (situation 1) with servers with two
>         nics connected to the same lan.
>         After reading the
>         script /scripts/live-premount/select_eth_device from initrd I
>         tried to set live-netdev=eth0 on kernel cmdline and this does
>         the trick for me.
>         Hope this will help.
> Thanks for your answer, it seems to help. (I've put that
> live-netdev=eth0 in the kernel line pxelinux.cfg/ip)
> one interesting error regarding this thing was logged in the first few
> lines of fai.log:
> /usr/lib/fai/subroutines: line 674: export: 'live-netdev=eth0':not a
> valid identifier
> don't know if that a problem... 
> if this really is the solution (or at least workarround) for the
> multi-nic problem, shouldn't this be mentioned anywhere in the fai
> documentation? (although it is a fix for live-linux-whatever it's
> called)

The problem is really the functionality of initramfs + klibcs ipconfig.

ipconfig tries to dhcp all interfaces, serial or parallel.

You should try to use some magic from pxelinux.

IPAPPEND 2 in your pxelinux.cfg files, and you should get on the kernel
commandline the pxe boot interface (as mac format with dashes:
00-00-00-00-00-00) which was used for the initial pxe request.

This BOOTIF support should already be included in the latest releases of
initramfs and live-boot.

If not, please file bugs (BTS and LP (when you use Ubuntu as FAI

We have it running here without problems and all multi-nic setups are
not our problem anymore :)



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