FAI stable release 3.4.6 available

Michael Prokop mika at grml.org
Thu Dec 23 14:09:33 CET 2010


the new FAI stable release 3.4.6 has been relased and is available
through Debian/unstable, http://people.debian.org/~mika/fai/release/
and also will be available through the squeeze repository on
fai-project.org soon.

This release is supposed to fix all outstanding issues for squeeze,
I'll ask Debian's release managers once again for a release
exception so it hopefully makes it into squeeze.

Please give it a shot and if you notice *any* problems please report

Thanks to all involved people for doing an excellent job!

For the sake of completeness here's the full changelog:

,---- [ debian/changelog of FAI 3.4.6 ]
| [ Thomas Lange ]
| * [370cf6a] print message to stderr (closes: #605947)
| [ Michael Tautschnig ]
| * [ae1e965] setup-storage/{Fstab.pm,Parser.pm}: Cleanup code for
|   defining BOOT_DEVICE; setup-storage.8: Properly document
|   semantics of BOOT_DEVICE and disk_var.sh - thanks to
|   Julien Blache <jblache at debian.org>
| * [a7130ae] simple/scripts/GRUB_PC/10-setup: No need to deal with
|   multiple devices anymore, BOOT_DEVICE will always a be single value
|   - thanks to alekibango, David Dreezer
| * [4ff0276] setup-storage/Commands.pm: Use proper dependencies when
|   entire disks are used as part of a RAID or LVM volume - thanks
|   to Peter Kruse
| * [6b2956f] setup-storage/Commands.pm: Always run vgchange -a -n, even
|   if no prior LVM was detected; run pvcreate with -ff -y.
|   (closes: #606485) - thanks to Mathieu Alorent <malorent at echo.fr>
| * [20e21b3] setup-storage/Commands.pm: Fix dependencies between disk
|   and LVM commands. (closes: #606113) - thanks to Mathieu Alorent
|   <malorent at echo.fr>, Nicolas Courtel <courtel at cena.fr>
| [ Michael Prokop ]
| * [691bc38] task_mountdisks(): catch every exit code != 0 from mount2dir.

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