issue with setup-storage, squeeze, and SW Raid1

David Dreezer dave at
Thu Dec 23 02:19:49 CET 2010

Hi Michael,

Yes, that describes the issue perfectly.

Thus, at your suggestion I made the change to my SW_RAID config in disk_config file, which is to add in the "align-at":

 disk_config disk1 align-at:32256B

This worked perfectly. The client installed and then booted, no problems. Again, this is 4.0~48 FAI with the 3.3.5 perl modules and setup-storage script copied into my nfsroot.

I then restored the 4.0~48 perl modules, setup-storage script, and lib files to my nfsroot and restarted the client. That worked just fine.

Next I transplanted the 3.4.5 perl modules, setup-storage script, and lib files to my nfsroot and restarted the client. No go.  fai.log shows my disk_config file then Error in task partition. Traceback: task_error task_partition task task_install task task_action task main

Now, this MAY be due to the fact that the FAI installation itself is 4.0~48 with a transplanted 3.4.5 setup-storage, yet with the 3.3.5 version transplanted in it worked just fine. Kind of odd.

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On Dec 22, 2010, at 2:09 PM, Michael Tautschnig wrote:

>>> Hi Michael,
>>> I can pack up logs from 3.3.5 and 40~48.  Do I send them here or to you personally?
>> I guess it's fine if you send them via private mail. Don't know about message
>> size limits for this list, but most probably there's no point in bothering
>> anyone else.
>>> I can give 3.4.5 a try, sure.  I only went to 4.0 as it was the only version that I was able to get SW raid working with.  I'll try 3.4.5 a try today and see what it does.
> [...]
> I'm pretty confident that 3.4.5 will work for you - I think it's the lack of
> cylinder alignment that is causing trouble for you. You might want to read this
> Ubuntu problem report:
> Now there are multiple ways to fix this:
> - Using any of the non-experimental builds will work for you.
> - If you go for experimental builds, use the align-at option with a value that
>  describes your cylinder size.
> - setup-storage will have to take this into account more properly, but
>  auto-detection will be almost impossible (it seems to be a BIOS issue), hence
>  I'm currently favouring a align-at:cylinder variant of the "align-at" option.
> Hope this helps,
> Michael

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