setup-storage fails when preserving LVM volume

Michael Prokop mika at
Fri Dec 17 11:48:40 CET 2010

* Michael Tautschnig <mt at> [Fri Dec 17, 2010 at 11:41:12AM +0100]:

> > This new version does fix the issue, thanks. I send you the
> > format.log in a private mail.

> Cool, thanks a lot, and thanks for the logs as well!!

> Mika, it seems we have a proper fix for #606113 - I'll see what needs to merged
> into trunk and then you could just cherry-pick for 3.4.6. I'll try to get that
> done in the next hours as I'll be offline until Tuesday.

Excellent, thanks. Just let me know which revisions from trunk you'd
like to see in 3.4.6 and I'll take care of it.


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