Software RAID + LVM2

Michael Tautschnig mt at
Fri Dec 17 09:28:09 CET 2010

Hi Fredrik,


> >It seems there
> >is some bug that needs fixing, and I'm currently extremely busy with real-life,
> >with little hope of finding time for finding sufficient time before Christmas.
> >Would that still be an acceptable deadline? Would you also be prepared to do
> >some early testing of a bugfixed version? I guess I'll also need testers...
> As long as you can stall the Squeeze release. ;)
> Naw, just kiddin'. I would gladly do some testing, I have at least
> one test client system that I install several times a day to see
> that my tuning and changes work properly. We are currently able to
> install a fully operational 32bit and 64bit developer environment
> running both Lenny and Squeeze at close to fifteen minutes, with
> Squeeze + FAI 3.4.5 in our test environment, with this RAID + LVM2
> setup, but haven't managed to get the preservation bit working.
> I'm not used to Perl, but point me in the right direction and we'll
> probably figure this out.

Could you give 4.0~beta2+experimental48 a try on this test system of yours? I've
already asked Mât and Nicolas to test this version as you might have just seen,
but the more testers we get, the better :-)

Thanks a lot,

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