what's the correct way to declare LVM on entire disk ?

Michael Tautschnig mt at debian.org
Mon Dec 6 13:24:46 CET 2010

Hi Mât,


> setup-storage tell us : "Empty disk_config stanza for device /dev/sdb"

There's a fairly recent new sanity check for this, yes, so ...

> We used to declare this type of config like this :
> disk_config disk2

... this is expected to fail. This was added for the simple reason that the
semantics of an empty disk_config X entry would be unclear, should existing
partitions be deleted, should it be used as is, etc.

> disk_config lvm
> vg VG1		disk1.9
> [...]
> disk_config lvm
> vg VG2			disk2
> VG2-PART1		/PART1		30G-	xfs rw
> I've tried to comment line : "disk_config disk2"
> this give us the error : /dev/sdb is not a valid block device

That is unexpected to say the least. Could you maybe give it just a quick try to
see whether things work fine if you put sdb in there instead of disk2? Just to
see it fails independently of that, which IMHO it should.

> Could you tell me what is the "correct" way to declare such a configuration please ?

Your second attempt *without* the disk_config disk2 line would be "correct" -
but it seems that setup-storage is not. Could you just give that another try
as explained above to see the behaviour is consistent at least? I'll meanwhile
try to figure out what's going wrong. Oh, yes, and as always: debug logs are
most welcome :-)

Thanks a lot,

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