problems with e1000 - was: install system hangs during boot up

Martin Konrad konrad at
Sat Dec 4 13:34:14 CET 2010

Hi Michael,
> Do you mean that you fail to start installation, or does the system fail to
> boot *after* installation?
It fails starting the installation system.

> Does the system boot using, e.g., a standard GRML iso?
Yes it boots perfectly from all CDs I tried (e.g. Ubuntu 10.10). In this case 
the system doesn't freeze because it doesn't rely on the network card during 
boot up.

> Furthermore you
> should AFAIK be able to get to a busybox shell in some way, which might
> make debugging a lot easier. Another option would be sniffing on the
> network to see what exactly the system is trying to do - either it fails
> to set up IP addressing already, or it just fails to do an NFS mount!?
It seems to wait for the NIC to become ready (link established) forever. No 
DHCP, no NFS mount so far. And no busybox because the system seems to be stuck 
in an endless loop :-(

I finally put another NIC (e1000e) into the machine and everything works fine. 
So I'm quite sure it's a driver issue...

Is anybody else doing installations with PXE using e1000 cards? Does the FAI-
Kernel work for you?


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