algorithm of setting BOOT_DEVICE

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Fri Dec 3 22:46:55 CET 2010

Hi Toomas,

I finally got around to further look into this. I'm now trying to come up with a
variant of setup-storage and documentation fixes that is soon to be merged into

> > I'll try to fix this soon, but one of the core problems is that AFAIK the
> > version in trunk and the experimental one differ in this regard. Which version
> > would you be interested in?
> I am using experimental.

The documentation in the man page would read like this:

       If  setup-storage  executes  successfully,  an  fstab(5)  file  matching  the  specified  configuration  is  generated  as  $LOGDIR/fstab.  Furthermore  the  file
       $LOGDIR/ is generated, which may be sourced to get the variables SWAPLIST, ROOT_PARTITION, BOOT_PARTITION (which is only set in case this resides on  a
       disk  drive),  and  BOOT_DEVICE.   The  latter  two describe the partition and disk/RAID/LVM device hosting the mount point for /boot. If /boot has no extra mount
       point, / is used instead.

Does that suffice as description?


> > Anyway, overriding is utterly simple: Under the assumption that you use grub,
> > the only point where $BOOT_DEVICE is actually used is
> > files/boot/grub/menu.lst/postinst - which is part of your config space, if you
> > based it on the provided simple example. And of course you are free to do
> > whatever you like in this script...
> I am using GRUB_PC and I think the proper place to change would be
> scripts/GRUB_PC/10-setup . Right?


> However, I would suggest a simple addition to provide the override: if
> task_partition finds BOOT_DEVICE already assigned (eg by one of the
> scripts in "class" directory), it should ignore the value generated by
> setup-storage and use the user-provided value instead. Would that be
> hard to implement?

As this assignment of values is done in the file (which is sourced
in task_partition) I'll make setup-storage perform conditional assignments. This
should do the trick. Will be part of the next experimental version, which should
be available in a few hours (once I'm happy with my changes).

Best regards,

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