How to create a bootable USB stick containing fai-cd

Thomas Lange lange at
Thu Nov 26 14:49:03 CET 2009

>>>>> On Thu, 26 Nov 2009 14:18:38 +0100, Peter Bittner <peter.bittner at> said:

    > Hi Thomas,
    > just out of curiosity and for the sake of reproducing the USB image you
    > provide: What exact commands do you use (did you use) for creating the
    > image (fai-usb-3.3.tar.lzma) with fai-mirror and fai-cd?

    > # fai-mirror -B /path/to/mirror && fai-cd -m /path/to/mirror ...

IIRC, I did 

MAXPACKAGES=1 fai-mirror /path/to/mirror

I did not use -B, but I should sue it next time ;-)
regards Thomas

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