Adding new NIC driver to faiinstall kernel

Carsten Aulbert carsten.aulbert at
Wed Nov 25 13:30:32 CET 2009


On Wednesday 25 November 2009 12:59:57 Michael Goetze wrote:
> > I did it slightly differently (without redoing the NFS root):
> >
> > (1) copy grml kernel and aufs modules package to nfsroot
> > (2) bind mount /proc into nfsroot
> > (3) chroot into nfsroot
> this is not a smart way to maintain your FAI setup. Fiddling with the
> nfsroot in a way not documented in /etc/fai is just asking for trouble a
> year or two later on. That's why I documented the proper way to do this
> in the Wiki...

Sure, but for quick testing it's sufficient enough. Especially in a lazy multi-
admin environment many things could go wrong if you just redo the nfsroot 
properly - and to quote Thomas, FAI is about lazyness ;)

Bottom line, you are totally right.



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