NFSROOT/root/.ssh/ is empty after install from USB stick (aka no known_hosts file)

Peter Bittner peter.bittner at
Wed Nov 25 12:56:24 CET 2009


> You don't need tas_chboot when installing from USB stick. it's only
> for PXE installs.

This is a misunderstanding: I installed the _SERVER_ using FAI on a USB
stick. Now, where the problem comes up is when I install clients over
the network (PXE installs against the server).

BTW, I figured the "fai" user is obviously necessary as root logins are
not permitted by sshd by default. Also, I still have LOGUSER=fai
in /etc/fai/fai.conf, I need to change this, alternatively. Hoping that
$LOGUSER is also the one that logs in to disable the boot profiles...

Though, my NFSROOT/root/.ssh/ remains empty. Any idea why this is not

Cheers, Peter

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