booting from host with multiple network cards

Thomas Neumann blacky+fai at
Sun Nov 22 15:56:26 CET 2009

Sorry for the self-followup, I forgot something

> I don't care which interface is configured, as long as a usable interface
> is configured. (If there's no dhcp on this network then it's not "usable"
> - at least for mounting the nfs shares.)

I have servers with up to 8 network interfaces (2 quadport NICs). I really
don't want to try "educated" guesses which interface is assigned what
"eth#". Especially since HP sometimes uses 2 different chips for the 4
onboard interfaces. (BL680c G5 specific)

Currently interface are assigned as follows:

internal 1 - eth0
internal 2 - eth1
internal 3 - eth6
internal 4 - eth7

addon 1 - eth2
addon 2 - eth3
addon 3 - eth4
addon 4 - eth5

Who knows how long this is going to stay this way? Next kernelrelease?
Next hardware revision?


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