Installation problems with NFS mount on sun Fire X2100 with suspicious kernel behavior

Lukáš Oliva olivalukas at
Fri Nov 20 15:40:49 CET 2009

  Hello Michael,
yes, you are right that IP address is not transferred from PXE boot to
kernel. Nevertheless I think that ip=dhcp should make the kernel to
try dhcp on all addresses, not only on eth0. Forthemore, finally the
machine find the address which is verified on IP-Config output on the
screen (together with eth0). So I think this is not the case.


2009/11/20 Michael Tautschnig <mt at>:
>>   Hello,
>> this should not be the case, because the other machines (V20z) have
>> also two interfaces. I distinguish them very clearly by MAC address in
>> /etc/dhcp3/dhcpd.conf and /etc/ehters which I am used to verify in
>> bootlog and /var/log/daemon.log resp. syslog.
>>   This was also issue for me, but I found how to cope, so it is not
>> the case, I am affraid.
> [...]
> Of course you will properly distinguish those on the server side, but the
> problem with multiple network interfaces is actually the naming the kernel
> chooses. Unless all network interfaces are connected to the same layer-2
> network, the initramfs-tools scripts may fail to obtain an address, because
> AFAIK only eth0 is tried, which could be anyone of your interfaces, and that may
> well change with each bootup. If you want to avoid any trouble of this kind, you
> will need a udev rules file I think.
> Note that this step of obtaining an address in totally independent of the
> network-boot step, which is initiated by PXE BIOS of the NIC.
> HTH,
> Michael

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