*.asc files in package_config/

Michael Goetze mgoetze at mgoetze.net
Wed Nov 4 09:09:59 CET 2009

Hi Andreas,

> i tried to put the packports key into package_config, like it is
> documented here:
> http://www.informatik.uni-koeln.de/fai/fai-guide/#_anchor_id_packageconfig_xreflabel_packageconfig_software_package_configuration
> but i still get a big fat warning about the missing key. is this
> feature working for anybody? i use fai-client version 3.2.19.

this was mentioned yesterday as one of the new features in the 3.3 
release. I'm quite sure it's not available in 3.2.19.

@Thomas: Maybe it would be a good idea to also keep the 3.2.17 FAI Guide 
on the webpage as long as Lenny is still around?


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